Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Greatest Job in the World

I was trying to watch the Health Care Summit today on TV which kind of sucks because I don't have CSPAN-3 so I had to rely on Cable News. I went to MSNBC to watch it and after a few minutes, Andrea Mitchell and her nose comes on and start blabbering on about nothing. You know how these talking heads always are, This is MSNBC and we are covering the Health Care Summit and we are't going to let you watch actual ELECTED officials talk about their differences cause we have to explain what is being said. So I went to my second choice the always abominable CNN and I will be kicked in the nuts if fucking Wolf Blitzer wasn't interrupting the exact same time as MSNBC was to bring on Sanjay Gupta to talk about the Summit. I mean, I don't give a shit what that quack thinks about Health Care Reform I want to hear ELECTED OFFICIALS opinions and arguments are for or against the bill.
Here is my point though, they had fucking Ben Stein on stating arguing why Republicans don't want Health Care Reform and it got me to thinking how long does a person have to be out of politics these days just to disappear. I mean, Ben Stein was Richard Nixon's Speech writer! Nixon has been out of office since 1974 so 36 years later his Speech Writer is still appearing on TV talking about what Republicans like of dislike. Pat Buchanan was Nixon's Chief of Staff and he is on MSNBC all the time jabbering with Chris Matthews cause no one else wants him on their show. Newt Gingrich was in the news over something else today, he hasn't held elected office in over 14 years and that was when he was impeaching Clinton for getting blown in the Oval Office meanwhile Newt was fucking his staffer and leaving his wife who was bedridden with cancer.
I'm thinking if you get into National Politics you basically have a job for life. I imagine this might actually be the last job in America in which you can assume that you will be getting a steady paycheck from one way or another until you die.
My other complaint though is CNN and MSNBC, just let people watch the proceedings. You don't have to have these over paid douche bags sitting around desks jabbering every five minutes explaining to people what they just saw all the meanwhile cutting out other parts of the very important discussion. I remember when I was a kid and one summer all they had on was the Iran Contra trail, I don't remember CBS cutting to Dan Rather every ten minutes so he could pull his ego out and stroke it in front of the nation. These people seriously need to learn to shut the fuck up sometimes. These people are elected to office by voters, if they cannot speak plain English then they never would have gotten elected.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin and The Tea Klux Klan

"How is that Hopey Changey stuff working out fer ya?" - Sarah Palin

I have to say that in the last few months a lot of things have come to light about the current state of the American Political landscape. I guess after years of history and civics classes being smashed into my head as a child I was always under the impression that to get to a higher office be it Governor which is the Highest in State Government or President of the United States you had to have a certain degree of knowledge, exceptional-ism and charisma. The American Way, you work hard, study harder, learn and understand knowledge and then you make it to higher things than shoveling shit in Louisiana.
Then I happened to catch the Q&A at the Republican Retreat two weeks ago with Obama and the House Republicans and that theory was basically turned on its head. I have to say, Obama really was Kung Fu Fighting just about any question thrown at him about a whole range of topics. Well by range I mean the usual Republican Topics, tax cuts, corporate tax cuts, the deficit and health care reform. It was pitiful to say the least, it was like seeing a Kids Karate Class take on Steven Segal. I mean you are going up against the POTUS who is basically Muhammad Ali of debate and here is your chance at the Heavy Weight Champion of the world are you going to train hard, now the facts and try and get in some good body shots or are you going to be lazy and just use Talking Points. I have no doubt that there might be some smart people in the Republican Party and I think that the one Representative that had is Health Care Bill in hand might be one of those people if he could just get out from behind the bullshit that are talking points.
Now we can talk about the Tea Party Convention that was held in Nashville, TN last weekend and who's keynote speaker Sarah Palin had crib notes written on here hand. You also have Tom Tancredo talking about something that sounds similar to Jim Crow Laws in the south making people take a "literacy test" to be able to vote. It must have been an easy assertion to make seeing that he was talking to a crowd of white people. I can understand their unease, the Democratic Party is more of a home to minorities and the other side is pretty much as white as a KKK Sheet.
Finally we have Sarah Palin, the so called key note speaker who has bullet points written on her hands after making fun of POTUS for using a teleprompter. She got softball questions from the audience and knocked them all out of the ballpark if the ballpark was a 10x14 basement room. I realized after watching her sit down interview with Chris Wallace on FOX News just really how bad she is, I mean. She's an idiot even with someone basically holding her hand through the interview. I think she is just a harpie sticking around to scratch out as much money as she can possibly make from being a VP Nominee. There is no way that she runs in 2012 because the first Republican Debate that is held she gets eviscerated on National TV. You think Huckabee and Mitt Romney are going to beat around the bush about her quitting as Governor midway through her first term? You think that not giving interviews is going to save your ass in the primaries? She couldn't even handle Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson these are not attack journalist. I think she has an inability to think on her feet which is kind of crucial when you are Commander and Chief or we have another massive terrorist attack.
As for the Tea Party which is now forever going to be known as the Tea Klux Klan, they are for the most part just angry Republicans. They are made that "their voices aren't heard" even though they just had 8 years in control of the nation more or less. They are just a huge group of sore losers who somehow think they are cheated by minorities and a smiling black man in the Oval Office.