Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow, What A Surprise

     I was reading through this morning because it gives me my fill of politics and total useless bullshit all in one site. Like when they post things like "Jennifer Aniston TOPLESS" and you click to find pictures of her bare back covering her naughty bits with her arms, again for the 300th time since Jennifer Aniston become a celebrity. Oh, Huffington, you got me again.
     They also usually have some top ten thing on there as well like TOP TEN CITIES TO VISIT and half are in Italy or something. TOP TEN CITIES TO GET SHOT IN or TOP TEN CITIES WERE UNEMPLOYMENT IS BELOW 15%. Of course on that last one they fall to mention that the cost of living is so outrageous that I imagine all the unemployed people live somewhere else. Like I'm sure that Aspen, CO has a low unemployment rate because no one that works in that town can afford to live there, same with NYC.
     By far the funniest thing is the fake outrage sections those are the best, my favorite one is when they have a singer that started out wholesome but now that they are getting closer to 20 have pulled out the stops and gone full on slut. Right now the big outrage seems to be over little Miley Cyrus, the devil spawn that came from the man that wore a mullet longer than anyone else, Billy Ray Cyrus. Apparently she is all growsed up now and wants to shed the Hannah Montana trappings and sing like a big girl. I should mention I have no idea what a Hannah Montana is or that Billy Ray was even allowed to have sex with women but I guess it happened.
       Before & After

      So one day she is all white and pastel colors, smiles, bows and wholesomeness and the next she is all eye shadow and dark clothing and pouty expressions. All I can say is that I agree with parents on this one, this is outrageous who can she go from being this icon of purity one moment and the next into some trashy harlot, doesn't she know that our kids are so stupid that they are going to imulate her. Bad enough they had to buy their daughters all that cheap shitty plastic crap because it had Hannah Montana stamped on it but now they will have to pay Leather pants and mascara by the boat load. 
     I for one feel so sorry for parents today because how could they have seen this coming down the pike. A marketing strategy like this has never happened in our lifetimes.

Before & After


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