Saturday, January 23, 2010

Avatar is Crapatar

I'm so tired of hearing about how Avatar is the greatest movie ever made just because of the money it has made since its release. First off, when you open a movie in just about every screen in the world you would think it is going to be number one through sure force of will. My gf lives in a town called Santos, Brazil and the 10 screen theater nearby had Avatar playing on three screens. So they have that going for them plus the fact that it is basically only good on Imax or 3d screens which means instead of making say $8 a ticket they are making $18.
I'm not saying it wasn't a good movie but that is just it, it was good not great. It was beautiful to look at but the story we have all seen many times before. It was like they moved Native Americans and Fern Gully to another planet and then mated both to smurfs.
I guess I'm getting old. Wouldn't it be amazing if they took this wonderful gift that is CGI and showed us something truly alien and amazing. I keep hearing how this crap is going to improve and show us new worlds but it always ends up being the same thing, humans with skin conditions. Either that have horns on their heads, webbed hands or fur but is always something vaguely human. Where are the new worlds and new civilizations? I guess they can't go totally crazy or else they would alienate (good choice of words) the audience. The only really crazy alien thing that I can think of off the top of my head is probably on an episode of Star Trek:Enterprise when they picked up what looked like a dryer sheet and bubble gum. That was good for a show that basically stuck to horn heads and face-paint.
From what I can tell, all CGI has done is remove the guy from inside the rubber suit and kept the actors from having to travel to locations now that everything is green screen behind them. I imagine that in 5 or 6 years they won't even have to do location shots, they will just send in a team to photograph a place and then throw it all up in post production. It could save studios millions I would think and God knows they need the money.

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  1. Oh lord!! I'm so glad you have a blog. Of all the people I know you're the one I'm most excited about having a blog. Since the high school days you have been writing stuff worthy of being published! Seriously, no one makes me laugh like you do!!! Yet while I'm laughing I'm also thinking. That's a rare combination my friend.

    Rock on!