Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morons, With Their Guns A Blazing

So the Democrats handed Ted Kennedy's old seat to a Republican last night in I would think is going to be a major upset for the Health Care Reform Bill that has been stalled. It has been stalled for that nefarious bi-partisanship that Republicans never seemed to use in the years that they were forcing massive tax cuts for the rich through or spending days on Terry Schiavo or basically passing the Patriot Act without anyone reading it.
I'm pretty torn this morning because I have two teams to pick from, one is just fucking evil but has the best teamwork and solidarity around. The other team has the better ideas but just sucks at keeping everyone on the same page. This is really making it hard for me to care because one team is full of evil fucks and the other team doesn't stand a chance cause they suck. It is like an Evil Caucasian Globetrotters vs Washington Generals. Come on, he is fucking spinning the ball on his finger right in front of you for fucksakes! I didn't follow the Senate Race in Massachusetts and from the looks of things the Democratic Candidate didn't either. I mean how the hell do you lose Ted Kennedy's old seat to a Republican that posed nude in a Cosmopolitan Magazine in the 1980's.
I wish I could say I don't know how this could happen, how can people have forgotten Bush so soon especially DICK Cheney still on TV every other week. Maybe if things had started to change for average people in a significant way then they wouldn't have forgot but really what has changed in the last year. The Banks got saved but people still lost their jobs and homes. There is something obscene about bankers getting bigger bonuses this year than the previous year and people are losing jobs left and right. The fault doesn't lie all with Obama, a lot has to do with the Senate Democrats that have sat on their ass and mumbled around with Health Care Reform all year long while Rome burned down to the ground.
Case in point, Harry Reid hasn't done shit really to push anything through the Senate and the mere fact that they are still catering to Joe Lieberman, a man who campaigned against Obama shows how weak the party really is. The didn't even slap him on the wrist, he was out there stumping for the opposition party, he gave a speech at the Republican National Party and yet he still has his chairmanship over Homeland Security. That sends a signal, weakness.

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