Monday, March 8, 2010

In My Mind

Forgot to turn on my vaporizer last night so woke up with that sinus pain that will probably play hit and run with me all summer.

Trying to read "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" which for obvious reasons isn't 200 pages and has huge borders on top of that. Not that I mind, he paints a picture about his Locked In Syndrome which is the intention. I think the movie made have taken some liberties but that is also expected seeing as if they shot the book page for page I see it as being a 45 minute movie.

Looked at Medium Format Cameras online today, even though I have a Bronica that shoots 6x4.5 now I think I could really use something that shoots 6x6. Retail therapy more than likely. I won't buy one but it is still fun to look at all these systems, Mamiya, Pentax, Kowa 6 I don't even bother looking at Hassies.

Switched off to looking at flatbed scanners which I would like to get sometime for reals seeing that I'm shooting all this film lately and have no way of placing them online because of lack of scanner. Have to wait and see how the money things works out in the next couple of months.

I keep reminding myself that every dollar I spend now is one I can't spend in Brazil when I get back down to my Ana. I'd rather spend money on us than on more toys to make myself feel better.

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