Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Guard...

....or how you have to watch movies from another country to be entertained.

     When I was moving to Houston in July of 2011 I listened to a lot of NPR on the 14 hour drive down from Kentucky. I like NPR for the most part though and that is good seeing that my CD player went out about 3 years ago. I have heard about more music and books by listening to NPR than just about any other source. Sure you can read reviews for movies on the IMDB but like everything on the internet you get just arguments over opinion. That and I find the message boards seem to be rampant with teenage twits that think Twilight and Transformers are the most awesomest movies ever and can't understand a movie like Another Year in which the cast was "full of ugly people".
    Anyway, I was listening to NPR in Arkansas and I heard an interview with Brenden Gleeson the Irish actor in such movies such as Braveheart, 28 Days Later, Harry Potter and In Bruges. They were discussing his latest movie with Don Cheadle called The Guard, set in Ireland and his role. The entire I am thinking this sounds like such a great movie I will never get a chance to see it. I was thinking like I still lived in little old Kentucky not moving to the 3rd Largest city in America.

     I actually got to see a cool movie. I finally paid money to watch a movie and wasn't disappointed afterwards. Thank you Sweet Jesus. I could go into all the details of what makes this movie work, the humor, the characters, the scenery but you don't have to take my word for it.

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