Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2: Where's Carl?

Stayed up till 6 am this morning watching The Walking Dead Season 2 and my only gripe about the entire season is if you watch it all at once as I and probably many others have you get a little sick and tired of hearing "Where's Carl?" every episode. That kid wanders off more than any other kid in a post apocalyptic world over run by Zombies. Of course maybe this is just one of the trappings of filming certain movie genre into long TV series. If you are doing horror the girl running in heels can only fall down so many times right? Or as in the old western tv shows, how many times can Marshall Dillion get shot in the shoulder but still make it to the end.

Where's Carl?

I just saying they might need to back off a little on the constant "Where's Carl?" tension cliche if they are going to establish any empathy for that kid. You overuse that bit too many times and people that watch the show will start to resent the little bastard. I'm saying this as someone that enjoys the series so far and can't say enough good things about the comic books but every show "Where's Carl?" and then pissing and squealing for ten minutes looking for him in the middle of a zombie attack or changing a tire.

I found Carl, mmmmhmmmm.

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