Friday, November 9, 2012

    Watched Skyfall this afternoon after work and I have to say it was spectacular. Daniel Craig is a wonderful actor, I have been following his career after watching The Layer Cake. Javier Bardem as the baddie is also a nice touch and as usual he tries to still the show. 

    Bond is asked what he does for a hobby and his reply is "resurrection".  That is basically what these last three films have done for the flailing Bond Francise. After The Bourne Identity came out it was hard to take Bond seriously with all his quips and gadgets when Jason Bourne just beat the shit out of people and worked towards his objective. No invisible BMW, Ice Palaces located in the Arctic or snowboarding down a glacier for Bourne. 
    They took a chance and revamped Bond for the 21st Century and got rid of the laser cufflinks. 

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