Tuesday, June 4, 2013

   Two weeks ago I went to the theater to watch Star Trek: Rodenberry Spins In Grave at the midnight showing because I had a plane to catch the next day. As is the case now when you go to a movie at an AMC theater you have to watch some shitty TV show that you would never think to view unless stuck in the hospital and the batteries in the remote died. 

Apparently The Foster Parents are Beach Bums

    There was an ad for an ABC show called The Fosters and I got some weird stares because of one of the line readings in the otherwise sappy sweet drama that is supposed to feel like a warm washcloth swabbing your testicles. The little girl says something about meeting someone and the teenage boy responds "But that is our birth mother!" and at that line I cackled madly among the late night nerds who just gave me blank stares. So preposterous sounding was that line, who would watch this shit. 
    Now less that two weeks later I am scrolling on my iphone tumblr app and I see one of my sponsored ads is no less than "The Fosters". You can't escape the LAME.

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